Criminal Trespass Lawyer Las Vegas

Las Vegas Criminal Trespass Attorney

Criminal Trespass Lawyer Las Vegas

Criminal Trespass Lawyer Las Vegas

The general perception of trespassing is entering any private or government-owned property which has a ‘Trespassing Not Allowed’ sign without permission. In Las Vegas, the definition and scope of criminal trespass law is broader. It includes any individuals who are suspected to be engaged in prostitution. A criminal trespassing offense can result in fines and even jail time.

Defense for Criminal Trespassing

The Palazzo Law Firm is at your service to represent you in your criminal trespass case. Louis Palazzo, an experienced and established Las Vegas criminal attorney, will make sure your rights are protected and you are given a fair deal by the authorities. The burden of proof in this case lies on the law enforcers and trespassing cases are often dismissed because of lack of evidence.

Trespassing is considered a misdemeanor in Las Vegas, carrying a maximum sentence of 6 months and a fine of $1,000. The Palazzo Law Firm has the experience and expertise to get the charges dismissed and save you from conviction. If you are charged, Louis will make sure you get the minimum possible sentence.

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If you are facing a criminal trespass charge in Las Vegas, especially one involving suspicion of prostitution, don’t delay calling the Palazzo Law Firm. You can reach Louis at (702) 385-3850. We are available round the clock. Schedule a consultation now and give one of the leading criminal trespass attorneys in Las Vegas a chance to understand your case and propose the best course of action. The longer you delay, the weaker your case gets.

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