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Criminal Defense Lawyer Las Vegas

Expert Legal Representation in Federal and State Courts

At Palazzo Law Firm, our primary area of focus is criminal defense. We represent clients in both federal and state courts across Las Vegas, Nevada and the entire country. If you have been accused of a crime or arrested, Palazzo Law Firm can help! Possessing an extensive amount of jury trial experience and unparalleled courtroom skills, we can successfully defend you against any charges you face.

So, do you need expert legal representation?

We completely understand the worries and stresses you may face from being accused of a crime. With such criminal cases having the potential for heavy fines, lengthy imprisonment and various other court penalties, dealing with law enforcement can be an incredibly overwhelming experience for you and your family.

Above all, if you are convicted, you may spend the rest of your life with a criminal record, potentially  hampering both career and educational opportunities. Our experienced Vegas attorneys can provide the dedicated and diligent legal representation you need. We protect your rights, ensure your voice is heard, and do everything in our power to help you throughout the criminal process in order to optimize the outcome of your criminal case.

The following are various types of criminal cases Palazzo Law Firm represents:

Federal Crimes

Federal crimes are generally more serious offenses. Hence, they fall under federal jurisdiction and not state control. The federal government has more resources available at their disposal, including the services of professionally trained investigators from renowned agencies like the DEA and FBI. Federal prosecutors can be more aggressive and relentless when it comes to handling cases. That’s why you need to be represented by an experienced attorney at Las Vegas, who will fight to protect your right in protecting furtherance of your future.

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Sex Crimes

One of the most serious criminal offenses, sex crimes carries a social stigma for the accused. Not only do these cases lead to longer sentences, but they can require registration as a offender upon conviction. Considering the impact and nature of sex offenses, it is crucial that you obtain highly skilled legal representation provided by Palazzo Law Firm.

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Violent Crimes

Any criminal offense in which an alleged offender threatens or uses force upon a putative victim may fall under the violent crime category. These include murder, kidnapping, weapons charge, manslaughter, domestic violence, battery, assault among others. The criminal court system punishes those who commit violent crimes more heavily, which is why you should seek an experienced Las Vegas law firm to represent you such as Palazzo Law Firm.

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Drug Crimes

Drug crimes can be pursued in federal or state courts, depending upon the circumstances The cultivation, possession, manufacture, sale, trafficking or distribution of controlled narcotics and substances, such as steroids, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, crack and various other illegal drugs can lead to serious charges and prison time.

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Probation Violations

If you are placed on probation after being convicted of a crime, you will have to follow the terms and conditions of probation. Since these rules and conditions are imposed by the court, any violations may lead to extension of your probation time, increased penalties or even jail time – depending on the nature of the conduct constituting the violation of course.

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Theft Crimes

Theft crimes include robbery, larceny, shoplifting, carjacking and burglary. White collar crimes, such as identity theft, passing bad checks, fraud and forgery are also considered to be theft crimes. Such cases are generally punished with a prison or jail sentence, restitution to victims, community service, heavy fines, and more.

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Juvenile Crimes

Crime is viewed as a big problem in our society. While children can be affected by crime, they can also sometimes become a part of it. The treatment policies and penalties are different for juvenile crimes, with age being the most prominent factor to decide appropriate punishment. However, past bad acts and the severity of the crime can affect whether the offender is prosecuted as an adult or juvenile. Our Vegas Lawyers can help ensure that your child is treated fairly throughout the process, and gets through the justice system.

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White Collar Crimes

If you have been accused of a white collar offense, it is imperative that you retain an experienced and skilled defense attorney to be by your side. White collar crimes, such as securities fraud, identity theft, issuing bad checks, forgery, racketeering, extortion and false reporting are punishable by heavy fines, restitution, imprisonment in a state or federal prison, community service,  or a combination thereof

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Expungement & Record Sealing

While expungements can seal arrest and conviction records, it is important to have these records completely and entirely purged from the various repositories which are responsible for storing this information, to ensure there is no trace of the arrest and/or conviction to haunt you at a later date. Failing to thoroughly expunge and seal criminal records can have some serious consequences, which can only be avoided by retaining a competent and thorough attorney.

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Obstruction of Justice

Whenever someone tries to interfere with the legal process, it is considered to be a serious federal offense. Obstruction of justice is taken seriously by criminal courts because it weakens the criminal justice system itself. As a result, offenders can end up spending lengthy in prison for being involved in activities such as knowingly destroying, hiding or altering evidence or attempting to bribe a judge or juror. The only way to avoid these potentially harsh punishments is by getting the best lawyers in Las Vegas to represent you, and that is where Palazzo Law Firm comes into play.

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Fleeing Police

Attempting to elude or flee from the police carries a number of penalties, including suspension of your driver’s license, time in prison and heavy fines.To seek to avoid conviction, it is important to retain a criminal defense attorney who has a deep understanding of the law, can provide aggressive and skillful representation to protect your rights.

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Criminal Trespass

Generally, the crime of criminal trespass is committed when an individual enters and stays on the property of another without the consent of the owner. The property could be an automobile, house, or office building. While the consequences of criminal trespass vary by state, they commonly may include jail time or fines.

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If you are charged for DUI (Driving under the influence), not only will you face administrative license suspension action, but also criminal prosecution. If the alcohol content in your blood exceeds the legal limits set by your state, you could be subject to severe penalties, which can have a direct impact on your life. Our aggressive and skilled Las Vegas criminal attorneys can provide you the defense you deserve.

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Traffic Offenses

While a number of traffic offenses can be resolved rather quickly, there are several others, such as racing, reckless driving, and fleeing the police that usually result in adverse consequences. This can include prison or jail time, driver’s license suspension or revocation, extensive fines or even forfeiting your vehicle. To protect your rights, it makes sense to get an experienced and skilled criminal defense attorney to defend you.

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Palazzo Law Firm represents clients in all type of misdemeanor and felony cases at both federal and state levels. If you have any queries about how we can assist you, please do not hesitate to contact us at (702) 385-3850 to speak with Louis Palazzo, Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer.

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