Fleeing Police Lawyer Las Vegas

Fleeing Police Lawyer Las Vegas

Fleeing Police Lawyer Las VegasIf the police in Las Vegas, Nevada, want you to pull over, they expect you to do so immediately, or as soon as it’s safe to pull over. If you fail to comply, you face a fleeing police charge. If you have been accused of fleeing police in any way, you should seek professional legal representation immediately.

Fleeing police may be a serious felony or misdemeanor, depending on the circumstances of the case. A misdemeanor fleeing police conviction is punishable by a fine up to $1,000 and up to 6 months in county jail. However, if you have been charged of a serious felony (involving endangerment or property damage) it’s punishable by fine of up to $5,000 and 1 to 6 years in a Nevada prison.

Fleeing Police Defense

A highly aggressive and skilled Las Vegas criminal lawyer can help you fight these charges and prevent license suspension. The consequences of living with a criminal record are disastrous as it affects education and career opportunities. By retaining a professional attorney with extensive experience in fleeing police cases, you have the best possible chance of staying out of jail.

Louis Palazzo, one of the best lawyers in Las Vegas, can provide you the professional legal representation you need. He has considerable experience in helping people acquire favorable results for almost any kind of traffic violation. If you are charged with fleeing the police, contact us to protect your rights and defend your freedom in the best way possible.

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