Probation Violations Lawyer Las Vegas

Las Vegas Probation Violation Attorney

Probation Violations Lawyer Las Vegas

Probation Violation Lawyer Las VegasIf you are on probation as ordered by a court in Las Vegas, there are certain responsibilities you have to fulfill. Being under supervision means you have to adhere to guidelines as laid out in Nevada law. If you have been found guilty of violating your probation, you should call an experienced Las Vegas probation lawyer without delay. At the Palazzo Law Firm, you can get effective representation for your case and improve your chances of having the charges dismissed or at least reduced.

Effective Representation for Probation Violations in Las Vegas

Louis Palazzo is an experienced Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer and understands the ins and outs of probation violation cases, especially the options you have. Consult with him and he will provide the best representation possible to help you defend your case. At the Palazzo Law Firm, we also understand that sometimes people violate their probation through no fault of theirs. In that case, the burden of proof lies on the defendant and Louis can help you prove it.

The penalties for violating probation in Las Vegas can be severe. Heavy fines may be imposed and it could even result in jail time, which means you have to put together a strong defense to have a chance of walking away successfully. Discuss your options with Louis Palazzo and determine the best course of action.

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If you have mistakenly or even intentionally violated your probation in Las Vegas, seeking legal representation is your best chance of having the charge dismissed or receiving a lighter sentence. Get in touch with us if you have been suspected of probation violation. Call us at (702) 385-3850 without delay and Louis will get in touch with you without delay. Together, we will devise a plan of action for your defense.

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