Employment Discrimination Lawyer Las Vegas

Employment Discrimination Lawyer Las Vegas

Employment Discrimination Attorney Las VegasHarassment and discrimination in the workplace is unacceptable and should by no means be tolerated by employees. Although most employers have stringent policies in place that forbid discrimination, in most cases these policies are not followed as specified.

Even though Nevada law provides employers powerful incentives to take measures and steps to prevent unlawful discrimination in the workplace, the reality is it still persists. If you believe you are a victim of unlawful discrimination, you should seek professional legal representation to obtain your due compensation.

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Louis Palazzo, employment attorney in Las Vegas, understands workplace discrimination laws in Nevada and possesses extensive experience in that matter. The Palazzo Law Firm works diligently, professionally, and dedicatedly to help employees in Las Vegas whose rights have been violated by their employers. You have the right to be free from employment discrimination, and we can help ensure it stays that way!

What Discriminatory Practices Are Forbidden?

According to state and federal laws, employment discrimination occurs when an employer takes an adverse employment action based on a number of protected classifications, including:

  • Being the victim of violence
  • Race & national origin
  • Disability
  • Gender identity & sexual orientation
  • Pregnancy & sex
  • Family or marital status
  • Military service
  • Religion
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Employer Discrimination in Las Vegas?

If an employer subjects you to different terms and conditions of employment, such as job duties, hiring, promotions, firing and rate of pay, based on any of these categories, you are a victim of employment discrimination. Moreover, it is also unlawful for an employer to allow or engage in harassment based on any of these categories.

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If you think you are a victim of employment discrimination, or want to schedule a consultation, call (702) 385-3850 to speak with one of the leading, highly experienced and skilled employment lawyers in Las Vegas, Louis Palazzo of the Palazzo Law Firm. We are ever-ready to serve our valued clients. We are ever-ready to serve our valued clients.

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